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Indeed, to access our system, internet access is required, but it's important to mention that this only applies to the web versions of the ERP and CRM. On the other hand, our mobile version of Versat CRM can be used without an internet connection in the field. The Versat ERP also has an application for capturing scale weight that continues to function even if the connection is lost.

No, the system has been optimized to perform well even on slower connections, such as those found on smartphones. If other browsing services like Facebook and banks are functioning satisfactorily on your network, then the system will surely work smoothly as well. Versat is designed to be efficient and responsive in various internet conditions, ensuring a seamless user experience regardless of the connection speed.

No. Any server, whether local or in the cloud, eventually needs to be connected to the internet for operating system updates, so the required level of security is the same for both. Often, companies with local servers do not take the necessary contingency measures, either due to negligence or to save costs, and in case of a disaster, they may not be able to recover their information. At Versat, we have the same procedures and technologies used by banks to ensure the security and continuity of your operation. For example:- Geo Redundancy: Information is simultaneously stored in two regions of Microsoft Azure in the United States for recovery in case of a disaster at one of the data centers. Local copies are also made every 15 minutes.- Encryption: If a hacker intercepts the information, it will be unreadable.- Local Security: Unauthorized access is not possible at any of Microsoft's data centers.
Muchas veces las empresas que tienen servidor local no toman las medidas de contingencia necesarias, por descuido o para ahorrar, y en caso de un desastre no tienen como recuperar sus informaciones. En Versat tenemos los mismos procedimientos y tecnologías utilizadas por bancos para garantir la seguridad lógica y continuidad de la operación, ejemplo:
– Geo-redundancia: informaciones registradas simultaneamente en 2 regiones del Microsoft Azure en los Estados Unidos, para recuperación en caso de desastre en uno de los datacenters; también copias locales a cada 15 minutos;
– Criptografia: si un hacker intercepta las informaciones ellas están ilegibles;
– Guardias de seguridad: en los datacenters de Microsoft es imposible el ingreso de personas no autorizadas;

Yes. Before canceling your subscription, you can extract the information you want by exporting it in Excel format.

No. At any time, you can cancel the subscription without prior notice or contractual penalties.

No. Our users utilize our cloud infrastructure. To use it, you just need to activate your users and start using it.

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